What Can I Do About My Itchy, Dry Scalp?

If you suffer from an itchy scalp and see flakes of white drifting down on to your shoulder you are likely to have a scalp condition of some kind – the good news is they are easily treatable!

However, it is very important to establish first what the condition is and no it is not always dandruff as most people think!

Flaky Scalp & Dandruff are 2 main scalp conditions which have similar symptoms but different causes. 

Flaky Scalp

Description: The scalp becomes dry, the skin gets irritated and flakes off.

Symptoms: Small dry flakes, itchy scalp and dry skin – potentially dry skin on other parts of your body – arms or legs too.

Causes: Put simply you can get dry scalp when skin has too little moisture and your scalp then becomes irritated and flakes off. Another cause is contact dermatitis which is where you suffer from a reaction to whatever hair products you apply to your scalp. We often see a customers flaky scalp disappear when they swap out the cheaper supermarket shampoo which may have ingredients in your scalp does not like and is causing irritation and dryness. We find swapping to a gentle salon range will help clear up the condition as your scalp is not irritated by harsh ingredients and also the shampoo is designed to naturally add moisture.

Treatment: If you have been using a cheaper shampoo / conditioner swap out your shampoo, conditioner and styling product for one of our recommended products we list below. These products ingredients are gentle and are either designed specifically for flaky scalp and to moisturize your scalp or the gentleness will stop any irritation. The key is also a good moisturizing conditioner and we recommend applying direct to your scalp and leave in for as long as you can – over night is ok.


Causes:  Too much oil on the scalp. That excess oil causes skin cells to build up and then shed. By the way, dirty hair doesn’t cause dandruff, but if you don’t wash your hair often enough, the oily buildup can contribute to flakes.

Symptoms: The symptoms of dandruff are oily large flakes that are yellow or white, an itchy scalp and oily red scaly skin.

Treatment: For dandruff it is all about the right shampoo. We have recommended below some great products that are gentle plus one that is a dedicated anti dandruff shampoo if you feel you need something more direct.


Our specially selected products below will treat both conditions.

The Angel Green Tea Shampoo is our most popular product for both flaky scalp and dandruff. We would recommend the Angel Green Tea conditioner too if you are looking to get rid of a dry flaky scalp.

Olaplex Shampoo & Conditioner is another great combination to improve the health of your scalp.

Redken have some great dedicated scalp shampoos to really attack the problem. 

The other shampoos we have selected are nice and gentle and dedicated to improving the health of your scalp.

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