Summer Hair Style #4 - Pineapple Bun

Pineapple Bun Hair Style

Pineapple Hair Style

This is a quick-fire, easy-peezy style and can be done on mid length hair.

Step 1 - If you can get your hair into a high on top of your head pony, with a bit of length to play around with, then perfect.

For finer hair, use texturizing powder like Redken’s Powder Grip or a texturizing spray like Eleven’s Sea Salt Spray to give it volume and more lift around the root area. 

Thicker hair wont need as much if any, maybe just a little hold factor like Redken’s Texture Rewind Paste.

Step 2 - Once hair is in high pony, add texture into the pony tail, with texture powder or spray.

Step 3 - Twist pony then wrap around the base of the pony, making sure texture is always present, pin twisted ends under the bun.

Finish with your favourite hairspray.


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