Summer Style #2 - Textured Midi

How to Achieve a Textured Midi

How to Achieve a Textured Midi

This style is so super simple!  Perfect for short angled bobs as it mainly the front sides sections which are put up.

Step 1 - If starting from freshly shampooed hair, towel dry and spritz a generous amount of Eleven Sea Salt texture spray throughout, root to tips, then a fine spray of Redken Iron Shape for your thermal protection. Thoroughly dry into hair, scrunching as you go. 

Tip: It helps to keep dryer at the lowest air flow, but highest heat.  Careful not to burn yourself! This should give you at the very least a wave throughout.

If on second day hair, apply a liberal amount of Dry Powder Volume Paste, again root to ends and scrunch through, working it into the hair as you go, creating a textured loose wave.

Step 2 - Once wave and texture are achieved, take side sections and loosely tie with band at the back, keeping it about ear level in height.  Once banded, twist the pony upward and inward, twisting the pony back into itself, this will give the twisted look.  Continue to twist the pony until satisfied (up to 4-5 times).

Step 3 - With desired twist done, add volume, lift and texture with finger tips through the crown area (this should be easy as none of this hair is in the twisted pony. Spray favourite hairspray for hold.

Step 4 - Pull those spirally tendrils and loose hair out around face for added softness. 

See, super easy!


Here are the products used to create this Textured Mini:

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