Summer Style #3 - Soft Braided Low Pony

Soft Braided Low Pony

Soft Braided Low Pony

Every wondered how people braid their own hair? Its actually quite simple. It just takes practice!

Step 1 - Spritz damp towel dried hair with Redken Pillow Proof for a quicker dry and heat protection.  Always make sure hair is completely dried, we like to call it ‘bone dry’ in salon..

If you have second day hair, still spritz and dry in, as this will ensure volume through your root area.

Step 2 - Now apply the Redken Braid Aid, this product is brilliant as a defining hair lotion for braids and twists specifically designed to add both smoothness and grip to make braiding and twisting hair easier and last longer. 

(This braid consists of just three large sections on each side, so like said before a great starter for self-braiding.)

Step 3 - To Braid - start off with a large section at the crown, taken in an oblong shape horizontally.  Roughly split into three. Starting with one outside section of the three, cross over into the middle, continue to do the same with the other outside section.

When you next cross over the next outside section, add in a large side section and combine, then cross over to middle again. Again, doing the same on the opposite side.  Repeat until hair is completely pulled back into the braid (this should only take three or four times. Tie with a hair band.  

Step 4 - As your braid should be soft looking, pull at it so it loosens, try just pulling random strands so as not to pull the braid out! Do this throughout the braid, but also around the face. Then from the nape pull out a section that can then be twisted around the hair tie and held in place by a pin and apply your regular hair spray.

Tip: Don’t expect too much of yourself to start off with. The example pic above is a great example of a very simple braid which is hardly a braid at all.  Also, don’t feel like it needs to be neat and tidy, ‘rustic’ is a fantastic word for anything that is a little deconstructed.


Here are the products used to create this Soft Braided Low Pony:

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