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Brelil HairCur Hair Express Spray 100ml

Treatment by Brelil

HairCur Shampoo Hair Express - Hair Grows 2 Times faster!​

Exceptional spray boasting a special formula rich in conditioning agents that leave the hair soft and silky smooth. The Hair Express programme has been developed to meet the needs of women who want their hair to grow faster. Hair Express does not make new hair grow, but rather works on existing hair, making it grow faster. We recommend using the spray with the Hair Express shampoo and mask. 


Spray 10/15 times directly onto the roots, then style as usual. The spray can be used both on dry and on washed and towel-dried hair. DO NOT RINSE. 

*tests carried out in collaboration with leading universities have shown that the hair express programme (shampoo, mask and spray) makes hair grow faster. Tests carried out on a panel of 20 women aged between 18 and 60. The results represent the average measurements taken at four different points of the head (nape, top, right side and left side).