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Eleven Australia

Eleven Australia Miracle Hair Treatment Conditioner 300ml

Conditioner by Eleven Australia

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Inspired by our cult favourite and global bestseller, MIRACLE HAIR TREATMENT, we have now expanded to complete the range with a shampoo and conditioner.

MIRACLE HAIR TREATMENT CONDITIONER is an ultra-rich and lightweight conditioner that helps boost hydration and reduces frizz, while also minimising the occurrence of split ends. Formulated with hero ingredient – Hyaluronic Acid, which similarly to its effects on the skin acts as a humectant, locking in moisture for dry or dehydrated hair.

MIRACLE HAIR TREATMENT CONDITIONER is the perfect product for anyone wanting to supercharge their hair hydration, prevent split ends and add shine to the hair!

Ideal for:
Improving hair hydration
Adds softness and shine
Heat protection up to 220C
Reduces frizz
Promotes hair strength and reduces split ends