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    4 Great Hair Masks For Instant Softness

    A hair mask can give your hair a targeted boost just when you need it. If you hair is feeling flat and dry or damaged from bleaching or you just want softer and more manageable hair try one of these masks for instant lushness. View Post
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    3 Simple Tricks To Keep Your Hair Colour For Longer

    We all want to maintain our gorgeous, vibrant hair colour for as long as possible and avoid colour fade where we can. View Post
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    Top Picks To Treat Limp Hair

    Whether you have always found your hair tends towards being limp or it is something you experience now and again we have all the answers on how to treat it! What Causes Limp Hair?  A number of factors are thought to cause limp hair from the over secretion of oils on our scalp, genetics, chemical ... View Post