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What is the Difference Between Olaplex No. 6 & No. 7 ?

We Share the key differences between No.6 & No.7

With the launch of the fantastic Olaplex Bonding Oil No. 7 you may be wondering what are the differences with the similar sounding sister product Olaplex No. 6 Bond Smoother? 

As No.6 & No. 7 are both essentially styling products, that aim to repair and smooth, we thought we would explain the differences and how how to use each product.

Olaplex No. 6 is a leave-in reparative styling cream that eliminates frizz, hydrates & protects all hair types. However, as it is a cream it is more suited for curly and thicker hair rather than an oil.

We find that the No. 6 as it is highly concentrated, can weigh down fine hair if too much is applied - it's ok if you get the quantity right but have to use sparingly. 

No. 6 is a great product to add before blow drying as it will really get into your hair to hydrate and smooth and also speed up blow dry times. This helps minimise damage. It will also additionally protect your hair as it also contains a heat protectant - both from hot tools and UV rays. It will help to eliminate frizz for up to 72 hours.

Olaplex No.7 is a ultra light weight reparative styling oil that is also highly-concentrated but comparatively weightless. No. 7 will dramatically increase shine and softness.

It will add beautiful colour vibrancy and make that new colour pop! It is great to use on those "second days" to banish dullness. Plus as it is an oil you can use to prime your hair and detangle any knots after washing.

It also provides heat protection and so is great to use prior to blow drying or styling. It also protects fro UV rays.

To best understand how the Olaplex range works lets look how the products were developed. Olaplex No.3 was the first at home treatment to be used twice a week but then you would be left to use whatever shampoo or styling product.

Olaplex launched their Shampoo (No. 4), Conditioner (No.5), Smoothing Cream (No. 6) and Bonding Oil (No. 7) as they believe it is in your hairs best interest if your every day hair care products all contain the unique Olaplex bond maintenance ingredient. This makes total sense as if your goal is to get your hair super healthy and keep it healthy why waste your time with a shampoo that does nothing to help the rebuild or maybe even make your hair's condition even worse. 

It is key to remember that the unique Olaplex bond maintenance ingredient in all products in the Olaplex family will repair damaged hair and restore strength by rebuilding the internal bonds of the hair. Your hair will feel and look great if you can use all of their products in conjunction with each other. 

Bottom Line

All of the Olaplex products are designed to be used together. Using the full set will help build strength in damaged hair along with the key feature each product delivers.

If you can, add No. 7 to your regime along with No's 3,4,5,6. 8 & 9

Specifically No. 6 will strengthen your hair and add smoothness and No.7 will also strengthen your hair and add shine. (If you have fine hair perhaps just go for No.7 unless you can make sure not to overdo No. 6.)

Get ready for strong healthy beautiful hair. 

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