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Coloured Hair

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    What Colour Correcting Shampoo Is Best For You?

    After Your Colour appointment you may find your hair colour fading and an unwanted brassy tone develop, yellow or orange tones. Using a Redken toning shampoo & conditioner can help cancel out these unwanted tones. View Post
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    Hair Care Tips For Brunettes

    We are here to help create the best haircare routine for your beautiful brunettes. We want your hair to always be full of life and the shiniest it can be. Take a look at the tips from Redken as to how best care for your brunette hair.

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    Brighter | Lighter | Blonder Hair Colour

    It is Spring and you have decided that you want to change your hair colour! We help you plan your new hair colour and GET INSPIRED ! Headstart has some fantastic online sources to get some great inspiration and all you need to plan your new style from the comfort of your sofa! View Post