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Brighter | Lighter | Blonder Hair Colour

Brighter | Lighter | Blonder Hair Colour

It is Spring and you have decided that you want to a change your hair colour...

Let’s Go Brighter | Lighter | Blonder !



You've made an appointment with your favourite stylist and now it is time to plan your new hair colour. GET INSPIRED ! We have some fantastic online sources to get some great inspiration and all you need to plan your new style from the comfort of your sofa! 

Headstart Pinterest Board

Pinterest is a simple way to save all your inspiration in one place and then take along to your appointment to help you describe the exact shade you are after!

To get you started check out our Headstart  Brighter | Lighter | Blonder Look book on the Headstart Pinterest board.

Online - There are plenty of fantastic articles online to help you with your hair plan and decide on the right colour for you. Here are some great articles from our favourite pages online - grab a cuppa and get inspired!


Thinking about dying your hair blonde conjures a multitude of images, from the subtlest blonde highlights to complete transformations through the bleaching process. But regardless of whether you want to go platinum blonde from a dark natural hair color or simply liven up already-blonde tresses, the pros at Matrix can answer your questions and help you have way more fun going blonde.

Source: Matrix



Going blonde? Get excited! There are plenty of ways to experiment with blonde haircolor. Ease into the trend with dirty blonde or strawberry blonde hair or add dimension to your natural haircolor with blonde highlights. Looking for a more impactful change? Go platinum! With Redken haircolor and haircare products, you can achieve icy, platinum blonde haircolor without worrying about damage.

Source: Redken.



Are you toying with taking the plunge into blonde hair colour? Are you already a blonde, but you think your blonde hair color could be even better? In either event, you’re in luck. Being a blonde really is fun, and it’s even more thrilling when you’re sporting a shade of blonde hair color that makes people stop and stare. The right blonde makes your eyes sparkle, your complexion come alive and gives you an unbeatable boost of confidence. To get a blonde hair color that puts a smile on your face every time you pass a mirror, it’s all about your skin tone. Find the shade that enhances your complexion and you’ve won the battle of the blondes!

Here are 16 of today’s most popular blonde hair color shades, and the skin tones that work well with each.

Source: Matrix



If changing your colour, prepping before is essential as the damage that comes with any chemical service can result in compromised hair which we can avoid. It's a bit like going to the gym, you want your hair in the best shape - nice strong, reconstructed prior to any chemical service is done. This is doubly important if your hair has been bleached previously - how do you think Kim Kardashian goes from dark to blonde so easily? The answer is a product called Olaplex.


Olaplex provides a vital treatment for damaged hair and will repair it and make it stronger ready for your new colour. Olaplex No.3 is there at home treatment you can use twice a week to get your hair in shape and they also have an incredible shampoo & Conditioner that is designed to repair your hair bonds – all essential for your colour job.

Source: Olaplex



Sadly, hair can be damaged relatively quickly, but bringing it back to good health can take some time. Don’t fret: the pros at Matrix offer tips on how to restore your damaged hair tresses as lickety-split as possible.

 9 Ways To Fix Damaged Hair

Source: Matrix



Who says that hair breakage is the end of healthy hair? By adjusting your hair care routine, you can be well on your way to strengthening and repairing weak, damaged hair. 

 Source: Pureology


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