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Hair Care Tips For Brunettes

Hair Care Tips For Brunettes

We are here to help create the best haircare routine for for anyone with beautiful brunette hair colour. We want your hair to always be full of life and the shiniest it can be. Take a look at the tips from Redken as to how best care for your brunette hair.

Brunette Hair Colours

Natural Brunette Hair

Brunette hair colour does not have to be boring, and many brunettes are blessed with a color that needs no changes. Since playing up your natural brunette hair colour is about letting healthy hair shine through, you can use the Color Extend Bonder system in the first two weeks after your haircolor service.

(Note: The Color Extend Bonder system is not yet available in NZ. we would recommend the Redken PH Bonder as a great alternative). It works to strengthen hair to the core and can help improve the overall quality of your hair.

After all, healthy hair makes for the ultimate backdrop when it comes to showing off stunning haircolor. As for your styling routine, you can keep hair colour protected when using your favorite blow dryer.

Redken Artist Jamie Taylor warns that heat from your styling tools can cause premature fading so it’s essential to use a heat protection spray like Pillow Proof Blow Dry Express Primer. After all, the more protected your hair is, the healthier it will be which leads to better-looking hair colour overall.

Colour Treated Brunette Hair

When your haircolor is modified in any way, your haircare routine should evolve to help maintain this change. Because preserving color vibrancy is what it’s all about when going darker, the Color Extend Magnetics system can help lock in your color and keep it radiant for up to four weeks. Start off by cleansing with the Color Extend Magnetics Shampoo and Conditioner, then finish off with the Mega Mask for intense conditioning.

Lightened Brunette Hair

Since a cool-toned, edgy brunette hair colour can involve extensive lifting, putting your hair’s health first is important.

To care for lifted strands, Redken Artist Mandy McCullough recommends asking your colourist about including Redken pH-Bonder in your hair colour service.

“Be sure to treat your hair inside and outside of the salon. Redken's pH-Bonder is a must in every haircolor service to maintain bond integrity because it will provide healthier hair and more longevity to your haircolor. Continue this treatment at home with products like the Post Service-Perfector or one of Redken's amazing Mega Masks. These will extend the life of the fresh salon look.” As for a cleansing regimen, a protein-rich shampoo and strengthening conditioner from the Extreme system can help smooth and restore shine to distressed hair. 

And if you haven't already, talk to your colourist about a Shades EQ gloss service to enhance shine and condition.

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