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ghd The All-Rounder Paddle Brush

Hair Brush by GHD

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ghd The All-Rounder Paddle Brush

The ghd Paddle Brush is the best do everything hair brush and delivers fast and effective styling on mid to long hair. The brush will de-tangle your longer lengths, static free. Use for Updo's, pony tails,and blow dries.

For a quick and sleek blow-dry, blast dry hair until 80% dry.For an amazing blow dry, dry your hair to about 80% dry and then brush your hair from root to tip using swift strokes while following the direction of your brush with your hairdryer. Use the nozzle of your hairdryer to concentrate the air flow in the right direction.

Cool Features:

  • Professional design & hand finished
  • Air hole to allow air flow
  • Broad flat base ideal for styling large sections of hair
  • Soft touch, non slip finish handle

Includes a 2 years manufacturer's guarantee.

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