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ghd Get The Look | How To Create A Fishtail Braid

Fishtail braids are here to stay!

Long haired loves will adore this fishtail ponytail look.

A beautiful hairstyle which is perfect to brighten up those January blues, and leave you feeling like a #girlboss.

Preparation is vital to nail a stunning fishtail braid, so begin by combing the hair through with ghd total volume foam and then use ghd air hair dryer to set the product into the hair. Follow by sectioning hair and braiding to create the perfect fishtail braid.

1) ghd total volume foam: https://ghd.tm/2sDjijs
2) ghd air hairdryer: https://ghd.tm/2FSF2Qb


1. Prep the hair with ghd total volume foam
2. Dry in the product with ghd air, twisting sections to maximize texture.
3. Put your fingers at your temples and take a section to under the crown.
4. Divide into 2 crown section into 2
5. Separate a small section out of the left section
6. Pass this over the left section, and into the right section, keeping the section flat.
7. Next, separate a small section out of the right section Pass this over the right section, and into the left section, keeping the section flat.
8. Repeat this down the hair, picking up additional sections from both sides as your travel down
9. When you reach the bottom hair line (there will be no more additional hair left to add)
10. Continue the technique down the tail taking small sections from either side of the 2 sections
11. At the end of the tail secure with and elastic
12. Using your fingers, pinch and pull the braid all the way down to soften the look.
13. Finish by pinching the roots to add texture
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