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How To | The Luxe Lob: Short Hair Waves with a Unique Twist

Chop your hair to your chin and give a traditional long wavy look a unique short hair twist. Bring a sweet and innocent feel to your short hair with the Luxe Lob, partnering soft flowing waves and glitzy embellishments – long hair isn’t required here. Tucking your hair behind your ear will only add to this short hairstyle’s playful vibe. 


1. Prep hair with curl hold spray
2. Blow-dry smooth
3. Place styler at root, rotate and glide through hair
4. Repeat through hair
5. Repeat across back of head
6. On opposite side, continue towards the parting
7. Spritz brush with final shine
8. Dress the hair into soft waves
9. Accessorise with your choice of hair clips


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