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3 Simple Tricks To Keep Your Hair Colour For Longer

We all want to maintain our gorgeous, vibrant hair colour for as long as possible and avoid colour fade where we can.

Use Sulphate Free Shampoo & Conditioner

Sulphates have traditionally been used in shampoo to create a rich lather and also as a way to clean away dirt and grime. However they can also strip away your colour. Sulphates will often exist in cheaper brands of shampoo so it is worth considering sulphate free if you want to protect your next colour job.
The good news is modern sulphate free shampoos are as effective as traditional sulphate shampoo, they may not lather as much but their beautiful natural ingredients will create beautifully soft and smooth hair while protecting your colour. 

Here Are Our Favourite Sulphate Free Shampoo & Conditioner:


Be Careful With Heat

Exposure to heat such as a very hot shower can affect your hair by swelling and opening up the hair cuticles and in turn your colour molecules in your hair will wash down the plug hole. If you can turn the heat in the shower down and also add a heat protectant when using your hair dryer / straightener to protect your colour.

Here Are Our Favourite Heat Protect Sprays:


Use A Hair Mask Once A week

By using a hair mask once a week that targets coloured hair, you can keep your strands moisturised and your hair colour will stay vibrant. If you feel your hair is damaged from bleaching using a strengthening mask or treatment will get your hair shape and your colour will last longer when applied to healthy strong hair.

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