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Top Hair Products To Treat Limp Hair

Whether you have always found your hair tends towards being limp or it is something you experience now and again we have all the answers on how to treat it!

What Causes Limp Hair? 

A number of factors are thought to cause limp hair from the over secretion of oils on our scalp, genetics, chemical treatments, aging and also simply using hair products that are not suited to our correct hair type.

We have put together our top picks for treating limp hair starting with the right shampoo and conditioner, styling and leave in treatments.


Using the correct shampoo and conditioner is a must especially if you have fine hair as your hair can get weighed down with a product that is designed for medium or thick hair. 

Pureology Pure Volume

Pureology Pure Volume
- is a lightweight shampoo and conditioner that enhances volume and restores movement to flat, fine, color-treated hair. 

Pureology Pure Volume enhances volume and restores movement to flat, fine color-treated hair with key ingredients Wheat Protein and Eucalyptus Leaf Extract and a signature aromatherapy blend of Pink Grapefruit, Wild Rose, and Cedarwood.

Angel Lavender Full

Angel Lavender Full
contains moisturiser extracted from rosemary and can revitalise and rejuvenate your scalp, leaving hair tangle free, static resistant and silky smooth with volume.

The amazing body-maker botanical formula works to thoroughly cleanse your hair while restoring its natural balance, leaves hair vibrant and full of body. 

Eleven I Want Body

Eleven Australia I Want Body
- is packed with natural proteins that build body. The combination of soy and wheat proteins penetrates the hair shaft, providing a thicker, fuller look. Perfect for fine hair or anyone wanting a volume boost.

Kevin Murphy Thick Again

Kevin Murphy Plumping
 - is a fabulous thickening sulphate free and paraben free range that nourishes hair follicles and stimulates blood circulation in the scalp. It is a superb hair growth accelerator and helps to prevent hair loss.

Ginger Root and Nettle Extracts strengthen and densify fine hair, leaving the hair and scalp revitalised and refreshed.


Adding a styling product will help for those days that your hair has decided to go limp and loose all it's normal volume and bounce. You may also find your hair goes limp towards the end of the day and these styling products are great to have with you to give your hair a lift.

Angel Lavender Body Maker Spray

Angel Lavender Bodymaker Spray
has a unique body-maker botanical formula, blended with the deep sea water which does wonders to prop up thin limp hair while restoring your healthy PH balance, with the result of prolonging the volume look of your hair.

This beautiful spray is enriched with rosemary moisturizing formula which rejuvenates and revitalizes the hair shaft, leaving the hair fresh, cool and natural with matted look. Suitable for thin limp hair or people with fine hair.

Kevin Murphy Styling

Kevin Murphy Full Again Thickening Lotion
is sulphate free and is infused with beautiful essential oils of Amyris and Elemi. This weightless lotion will thicken hair, providing natural movement and body. Rayon particles create a thicker surface making fine hair act thicker.

Kevin Murphy Anti Gravity Spray is a non-aerosol weightless spray that imparts shine and reinforces volume. It is infused with Organic Lavender Hydrosol (lavender water) to achieve body and hold to all hair types.

Eleven I Want Body Styling

Eleven I Want Body Volume Powder
- A Lightweight, Multi-purpose Styling Product. Great have in your bag and to apply throughout the day if your hair is feeling like it needs a bit of a boost.

Eleven I Want Body Volume Foam -  A Lightweight Volumiser For Body, Thicker Texture & Control.

Kevin Murphy Powder Puff

Kevin Murphy Powder Puff
- The Stylist's Favourite! This amazing volumising powder has a dry matte texture and helps create a messy casual volume. Just gently tap a few shakes on the hair that you want body on, and the powder morphs into a product that holds.


If you feel you need a bit more of a targeted approach to give you a boost these leave in treatments will help to leave you hair feeling thicker and fuller.

Kevin Murphy Leave In Treatements

Kevin Murphy Body Mass Treatment
is an effective leave-in plumping treatment for thinning hair. This incredible product uses eyelash thickening and lengthening technology to prevent breakage and strengthen hair. Lengthens the hairs growing phase, which in turn lessens the falling or resting phases.

Kevin Murphy Thick Again is a leave-in thickening treatment for thinning hair. It works by removing the build up of DHT, which is the number one cause of thinning hair in men. The hair Treatment is designed to lengthen the growing phase of the hair, consequently shortening the falling phase. Beautiful Citrus Flavonoids, Ginger Root and Nettle Extract, will thicken hair and prevent breakage.


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