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Who Wants Brassy Hair? NOT ME!!

How To get rid of brassy tones


Blondes have the hardest job. The amount of different tones in blondes is ridiculous.  Ash, beige, honey, caramel geesh the list just goes on!  One tone that blondes totally try to avoid and with good reason is…. brassy!  Don’t get me wrong, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with gold, but when its not the tone that you’re wanting, it’s a thorn in a blondes side!

But never fear, we are totally here to tell you the do’s and don’t to avoid and getting rid of your unwanted brassy tones and the answer lies in Purple Shampoo!

How do Purple Shampoo and Conditioners Work?

It’s all about the colour theory: purple sits opposite yellow on the colour wheel, so when they’re mixed, they off-set each other for a more neutral shade. When applied to the hair, a small amount of this purple pigment is absorbed, and the violet hues neutralise brassy undertones for a cooler colour. 

So, you’ve been to the salon, walked out with a great ashen blonde, ‘wow’ you think to yourself, ‘they’ve outdone themselves this time’!  Fast forward to 2-3 weeks down the track.  Brassy.  Where did that gold come from?!

Unfortunately, toners (even in a salon) don’t last up to your next appointment, that is unless you’re a ‘every 4 week’ kind of client.  And here in lies the truth.  If you’ve not been told this by your stylist, I’m telling you now, toners are NOT permanent colours.  Which, is why there is a multitude of toning shampoo’s and conditioners out there. 

We have the best stylist based recommendations below that are all full tried and tested and guaranteed to work.



Kelly, Creative DirectorKelly has been a hair stylist within the industry for more years than she’d like to acknowledge.  She is passionate about all aspects of hair, fashion and upcoming trends. Having spent 9yrs in the London fashion scene, she is back with the Headstart team where she is a Master Stylist/Colourist, product expert, Education Manager and Online Creative Director.

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